Could she be more out of my league?

It’s from TV ’ scripts.
RACHEL: Oh, c’mon. She’s a person, you can do it!

CHANDLER: Oh please, could she be more out of my league? Ross, back me up here.

ROSS: He could never get a woman like that in a million years.

CHANDLER: Thank you, buddy.

Please explain the boldface to me.

League = A class or level of competition: The ski jump was out of his league.

Be out of your league = to be too good or too expensive for you: He was so good-looking and so popular that I felt he was out of my league.

To add to what Mister Micawber said, the question here, “Could she be more out of my league?” is used as an exclamation meaning, “She couldn’t be more out of my league!” or, “She is obviously out of my league!”