cost of repairing vs. cost to repair

The cost of reparing is high.
The cost to repair is high

What’s the difference?

There is no difference in meaning. To my ear the second version sounds a bit awkward.

(Typo: it should be “The cost of repa[color=red]iring is high.”)

He did not wrote “of”* he wrote “to”

Even I’m not a teacher, I think they are both correct.

Example : “The cost to repair the vegetable peeler is one dollar” said engineering student.(I honestly couldn’t find anything wrong with this, but please correct me if I’m wrong I’m an ESL student)

I didn’t mean to suggest that “cost to repair” is wrong. Sorry if I implied that. I was just expressing a preference between the specific sentences originally quoted. Your sentence sounds OK to me. When you have "cost to repair " it sounds better to me for some reason.

Examples: The cost to repair is high, estimated at between 1000000 to10000000000000 dollars.
The cost to repair is high because you left it rust in sea water for too long.

It doesn’t have to be a noun to make sense imo… where do you teach? hehe no offense

No one is saying that “the cost to repair is high” doesn’t make sense. In fact, I specifically said in my original reply that “there is no difference in meaning”. You seem to be misunderstanding my expressions of preference as statements of black-and-white, right-and-wrong, and sense-and-no-sense.

Wow, is the verdict in?