Correlation between the average monthly pay and a new mom support in your country

Good morning to everybody
I wonder if you could help me in my little research (though it’s not a scientific one). My husband and me were discussing a topic of demography and the role of state in it. He gave an example of Israel, where the state subsidies the mum of 5 kids with a sum of 6000 shekel per month which equals the average monthly pay of two working parents. In Russia 5 years age a monthly pay for a new mum was about 400 rubles which was an equivalent of 1/50 of my salary , though I’ve never used it, coming to work very early after childbirth. I’m not sure there is a direct interdependence between the money subsidized and possibility and desire to have more children in the society, but I got interested what is the money support in your country for a new mum and what’s the correlation to the average monthly pay.