Correct use of 'one of the *–est of its type'


Multiple it(s) in long English sentences are my usual trouble and I don’t like them too much.
Just two new cases :slight_smile: aggravated by the expression of its type.

“This is one of the most helpful courses of its type that I have ever attended. I would recommend it to colleagues!”

The Museum has about 400 sundials in its collection which is one of the largest of its type in the world.

[size=92]Perhaps, both sentences are fine, as they are taken from proper-language sites. :slight_smile:
(+ 82 other sure uses of ‘of its type’ in the BNC)[/size]

Of course, it’s entirely my own problem to understand that of its type in the second case = sundial collections,

  • and it’s not that impossible. :slight_smile:

… Do you use the expression of its type this way (instead of such/this/… type?)
To me, it’s strange - first to speak about an instance and then make the best-claim, referring to the common type defined in so… crooked way. :?

Hi Tamara,

It doesn’t strike me as all that strange the way it’s written. The use of ‘of its type’ is really a limitation or a restriction and makes clear that it dosen’t necessarily apply to all ‘courses’ or ‘collections’ When you talk about courses, there are clearly many different kinds or types and if you add ‘of its type’ you are qualifying your comments and referring only to that kind of course. Let me give you an example. Just a few minutes ago I was visited by a British Gas engineer who had come to do the annual service of the gas boiler. He reckoned that the particular boiler I have is one of the best of its type on the market. The type in question is one fitted to an outside wall - he isn’t talking about all gas boilers.


Hi Alan

Thank you for validation :slight_smile:
Yes, this was a question about the form, not about the ‘content’.

I understand that in most cases (of the type :)) the ‘type’ is rather implied, and ‘of its type’ actually has the meaning
‘of the particular type that an instance (obviously) belongs to’, - or something like that.