Correct pronunciation of 'antennae'


Is ‘antennae’ (the plural of ‘antenna’) pronounced with an ‘ee’, as in ‘knee’, or ‘ay’ as in ‘hay’, or is it pronounced some other way?

Sometimes I see other English words that come from Latin where the plural is formed by changing the ending in the same way (a → ae). Is the changed ending always pronounced in the same way?

Edit: I just found two websites.
One says that the dipthong ‘ae’ in Latin is pronounced like the ‘y’ in ‘fly’: … iation.htm
But the other website says that it’s pronounced like ‘ay’ as in ‘say’: … iatio.html

So which one is correct?

Thanks in advance,


Pronunciation will vary depending on where you are from so I can only speak for me (S England).
I would say it rhymes with fly, … but looking on the net opinions vary.