Correct order of adjectives


I am aware that there is no fixed order of descriptive words, but still I would like to go on with this question. :shock:

[color=red]Professor English Grammar:


1- It is a round old table.

[color=red]Michael Swan


1- It is an old round table.

I would like to know what sounds more natural to your native ears.


Hi Tom,

I’ll go for old round table. Round old table to me sounds odd because it suggests that you and the table are old mates as in expressions like: You silly old thing/You dear old chap - in other words old is being used in an affectionate way. The rough guide for order is that the evaluative one comes before the descriptive one. So in your example: What sort of table is it? Answer it’s old. What does it look like? Answer it’s round.


Hi Tom

I’d also go for “old round table”. :smiley:

By the way, who or what is “Professor English Grammar”?


Dear Amy

“Professor English Grammar” is a famous grammar book in Pakistan like Michael Swan’s Practical English Usage. It consists of almost 50 pages, and each page shows a new grammar rule.


I’d favour Swan over the Professor if I were you, Tom.

Hi Tom

Thanks for the information.


I agree with MM. :wink: