cool / cold

  1. My proposal met with a cool response.
  2. My proposal met with a cold response.
    Are these sentences OK?
    Do they mean the same?
    What is the real meaning?

Yes, they are okay. As is ‘my proposal met with a luke warm response’ or ‘warm response’.

These terms indicate how well received the proposal was by the people who heard it.

In degrees the stages go like this:
cold - not well received
luke warm
warm - well received

  1. He shot/murdered them dead in cold-blood.
  2. The killing was a cold-blooded act.
  3. He was the victim of a brutal, calculated premeditated murder.
  4. His father is cold and unaffectionate towards him.
    Please comment on the validity of each sentence.
  1. He shot them dead in cold-blood. (‘murdered them dead’ does not work)
    The rest are fine as they are.