Convert into a question?

“Either I am tall or you are tall.”
The above is assertive sentence.
How to convert that sentence into a question?
Please help.

Generally to convert a statement into a question, we switch the order of the subject and verb. You are sad. -> Are you sad?
So can you try this with your sentence? Watch out, you have two sets of subject/verb.

“Either I am tall or you are tall.”
This is an assertive sentence.
“Am I tall or you are tall?”
Is this question OK? I want the assertive sentence to a question.

Hi, you are halfway there! You got the first half right, but the second half of the sentence also has a subject-verb combination that needs to be swapped.

So: “Am I tall or are you tall?”

Also, you are correct that questions generally don’t use “either”, though there are some exceptions.

To me, the sentence in question should be: Either you or I am tall.
To convert it into an interrogative sentence is a bit difficult and it would be unnatural.
However, this is possible: Can you tell me whether you or I am tall?
(Please note that there is some nuance between ‘Either you or I am tall’ and ‘You or I am tall’. While the former uses a correlative conjunction, the latter only an ordinary conjunction).