Contribution graph vs social graph

In a few days, a new version of will launch and it will be the beginning of a new era where we will move from the Social Graph to the Contribution Graph. Users and learners will become contributors and owners. will offer you a growing number of ways to contribute to the platform while improving your skills and earning a share of the overall value of the platform.

For example, you can contribute pronunciations of words in your native language, as we will create the world’s largest database of human pronunciation files preserving endangered languages like Belarusian. For each contribution you make, you will receive points that can be later converted into money.

You can also listen to the pronunciations of other participants and rate them for clarity, intonation and speech quality. This way you can improve the application step by step and make it more useful by earning tokens and making new friends. So, the new version of will take advantage of both the Social Graph and the Contribution Graph of Web3.

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