'Contact me if there is any problem' vs 'Contact me if there are any problems'

Contact me if there is any problem v.s. Contact me if there are any problems
Which one is correct?
Can I just say Contact me if any problems

Thanks a lot.

You can say, “Contact me if there is a problem,” “Contact me if there is any problem,” “Contact me if there are any problems.”

You can’t say, “Contact me if any problems.” That sentence is missing a lot of its parts.

Thanks a lot, Jamie. I got it.

Hi Jamie,
Can we consider “Contact me if any problems.” as a reduced adverb clause?
I mean it seems correct !
Many thanks,

“Contact me if any problems.”

I’m sorry, but this sounds just wrong to me.

It’s different when you say:

‘Contact me if any problems occur.’

No, as Shyone says, it’s just wrong. It’s like a sentence with a big bite out of it.

Can anyone please explain me that the use of “do not” is correct or I should use “does not”

(a) Any of these branches do not require more than two employes since they have been recently established.