Construction "get used to + ..."


What do you think about the following question? (I think it’s very odd as I’ve never come across such a usage) :roll:

When I first visited Moscow, I couldn’t get used to………the cold weather
a. with
b. to
c. for
d. in

Same query for this:

You should have known that An could not keep a secret. Never again………
a. will tell b. will I tell c. I tell d. I will tell.

=> I think it should be either “never again will I tell you that” or “never again will I say that”. Do you agree?

Hi Nessie
My guess is that they want you to fill in the word ‘to’. They probably meant to remove ‘to’ from the sentence, but accidentally ended up leaving it there.

Hi Nessie
To me, there seems to be something missing. I assume the test-writer wants you to choose (b), however that choice seems oddly abrupt with nothing else after it in the sentence.