Congratulations to the Queen! What about the day after?


Congratulations to the Queen for her 80th! She might have had a great celebration yesterday with musik from H?ndel, blow-up-corgie, shaking thousands of hands, enjoying 20000 congratulationcards and 17000 emails. (that had been only the day. I?m happy not to be so famous.) In the evening she had a private diner with 25 members of the Royals, as you can read in the newspaper, only the fireworks at nine o?clock had been common. After all you may say: a glamorous day! :smiley:
But this day has gone! As glamorous as it was yesterday it also might had been a very hard day. What is she doing today? Have anybody seen her this morning? Or is she relaxing in bed? Does she get up in the late morning and having breakfast dresssed in her morningcoat?
I hope it doesn?t compromise the Royals to ask these questions! That is not my intention. And if it doesn?t perhaps anybody can give me an imagination of what the Royals do at the day after? :?: