Confusion with Barrons TOEFL ibr cd-rom vs ten audio cds

I have purchased a ‘Barron’s TOEFL ibt 12th edition 2010 with CD-ROM’
This CD-ROM includes all model tests in the book however lacks any ‘Activity’ audio tracks although the book has these activities and specifies cd # and track # to refer to.

Should i purchase the Audio CDs separately? This doesn’t make any sense as to why they would publish sections that really needs Audio CDs and not include them with the package. Very weird.

Can anyone who uses Barron’s clarify this for me?
Thank you

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As far as I know, Barron’s book has two different CDs; one of them is the audio tracks for exercises and model tests which are referenced in the book, the other CD contains the simulation software for the 7 model tests that should be installed and does not include the audio tracks for exercises.

Thanks for the reply, Well the one i got was only the CD-ROM with test and practice simulation. But i have no other CD for practice exercises.