Confused in he, her, hers, I, me etc.

Dear coaches,
I will be grateful to you, if you check out my grammar errors plus explain to me, in brief, why some sentences are correct and some not.
–She has a laptop same as mine.
– She and I have the same laptops.
– I have a laptop same as hers.
– She has a laptop similar to mine.
– I have a laptop just like the one she has.
– I love her and so does she.
– She has shown symptoms of love toward me and so have I.
– Keep it secret, it’s only between you and me.
– These people and she studies in ABC school. OR she and these people study in ABC school.
– You and I have to go to the same Church this Sunday.
– She has an account in the bank where I have too.
– My balance in the bank is less than hers. (…than she has.)
– They are hungry and I am too. (…and so am I.)

Thanks to all for your help.

Warm Regards
PS: More examples requested. They, their, theirs, he, him, his, she, her, hers, etc.

Hello, Noren:

Congratulations on using “me.” Some Americans do say, “It’s only between you and I.” But that is “bad” English.

The rule is very easy: after a preposition, you always use the objective form of a pronoun, such as “me,” “him”, “us,” etc.
(NOT the subjective forms of “I,” “he,” or “we.”)

Here are some examples that I have made up:

This cake is for her and me.
I visited Disneyland with him.
They looked at us.

Sincerely yours,


Thanks a lot for your help. I really appreciate it. Do you think that my example sentences are grammatically correct?


Thank you for your note. You are very welcome. I want you to get the best advice possible, so I will let the language coaches answer you. I am sure that they will answer you shortly (soon).


Dear James,
Thank you very much for your concern.