Computers can translate all kinds of languages well. Do our children need to lear

Computers can translate all kinds of languages well. Do our children need to learn more languages in the future?

It is true that computers can translate all kinds of languages pretty good. However, it just translates a word of a language, not the language. One thing for sure that learning language helps it is easier to associate with people and also access to the culture of the world. Nevertheless, the more languages you know the further money you get and the brighter in your future. Therefore, children need to know more than a language.

Learning another language is an intense way to apprehend people and their culture. To learn efficiently, children need to contact with the lifestyle and culture of people who speak the language as a mother tongue. By that way, learning language will improve children knowledge about information that relates with the language. For example, if children want to learn to write English well, they need to know more idioms and phrasal verbs, therefore, they need to read Shakespeare’s plays or fairy tale of England. Hence, they will know more about Britain culture and history as well.

For children, who learn more than one language, will have benefit in the future. Nowadays, in globalization, business companies prefer bilinguals than monoglot. As people learn another language from childhood, they can speak it frequently when they are adult. It also gives children more opportunities to find an appropriate job. There are a lot of jobs for people who know more than a language. An instance, you know Chinese; you can teach Chinese. Bilinguals can also be a translator as well as a businessman with decent salary.

Learning is good, especially learning another language. It gives your children more occasions to find a suitable job. Besides language, children also learn more about culture, religious and people around the world. How favourable learning language is. Ergo, children should learn more than a language.

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