compliment vs. compliments

Thank you for the compliment(s)?

He turns a pretty compliment.

He turns pretty compliments.

What’s the differences?


By the way could you recommend a dictionary which can help me solve such questions?

He turns a pretty compliment - It’s a singular form ( one single compliment)
He turns pretty compliments - Plural form (he is really a polite person to do such a
thing :wink:

You will probably solve this problm if you look into a grammar book(not a dictionary). I would reccommend E. Murphy “English Grammar In Use” (beginner/ intermediate).

Hi GS,

Where did you come across the phrase “to turn pretty compliments”? Sounds like a direct translations from another language such as Chinese. In English you usually make a compliment or you often make compliments.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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