Complementation/ raising-to-object clause

Hello all of you,

Could one you grammar professionals explain to me what a ‘raising-to-object clause’ is and give me an example?

Thank you very much.

You can find a description and example HERE (scroll to 'Control and Raising), but I am too dense to understand it enough to explain it to you. Maybe OxfordBlues can.

I am no expert, but as far as I know it goes like this.

    • I suspect that you are a Crusader.
    • I suspect you of being a Crusader.

Both sentences have the same meaning. In the first sentence, “you” is subject in the subordinate clause; in the second, “you” is object in the main clause (there is no subordinate clause any more). It is called raising because “you” is moved from subordinate clause to main clause, i.e. to a higher level; it is called object raising because “you” in the first sentence (subject) is turned into object in the second sentence.