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Now, Vietnam and United State have some relationship work. Therefore, becoming more understand about culture business each other to improve co-operation is very necessary. Moreover, the result of similarities and differences in doing business etiquette and manners between Vietnamese and United State led to long distance. So, this essay will look at some of similarities and differences in business etiquette and manners between Vietnamese and American.

There are a number of similarities between Vietnamese and United State methods of business etiquette and manners. Firstly, according to Kimberley Roberts and Stephen Taylor, US business people tend to shake hands and change business cards during the meeting. Likewise, Vietnamese business people always do like that which shows their politesse. Moreover, both Vietnamese and US always keep eyes with person whom they are talking (according to Kimberley Roberts and Stephen Taylor). This can shows their honest truth with person opposite.

Because two countries lie in different continent, so they have some the differences which outnumbers the similarities. First of all, Kimberley Roberts and Stephen Taylor stated that US business people always have breakfast meeting or dinner meeting; While, Vietnamese business people organize a meeting in their office or hall. This causes by Vietnamese consideration because they think business is very important which can be successful when they discuss on working air in hall or office. Secondly, according to Kimberley Roberts and Stephen Taylor, in US, many companies do not like to be given. In contrast, Vietnam’s companies always give gift in the end the meeting which is show their friendly. This is important point which companies in both of Vietnam and US should notice during business time. Finally, however, US business people are serious about the on time(“international Business Enter”); Whereas, Vietnamese business people prefer to arrive close to on time perhaps 5 to 10 minutes. This may also lead to unbelieve each other which can interrupt the business.

In conclusion, while Vietnam and US have some similarities like handshake,changing cards and good eye contact, they also have some differences. Long distance may create some more difference about business etiquette and manners so if both Vietnamese and US business people are trained about these differences culture business, opportunities for co-operation between Vietnam and the United States are more than ever. In the long term, This is not only benefit for two countries. but also help them to build strong business.

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