Compare adv. and disadv. of media for communicating information-most effective

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This task was a bit confusing because of the meaning of “communicating information”. I just interpreted it as “providing information”. I still do not understand the concept of “communicating information”.

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Question: Compare the advantage and disadvantage of three of the following as media for communicating information:comics; books; radio; television; film; theatre. State which you consider to be the most effective.

In a modern society, there are many types of communication tools to provide information along with development of technology including television, radio and film. In this essay, three of media types will be discussed and compared their pros and cons: comics; books and television. In addition, the most effective and efficient tool in providing information will be justified.

To begin with, it is undeniable that comic books provide information in the most interesting way. There are some interesting stories with cartoon in order to provide useful information to readers. As a result, the readers find it easy to remember the information delivered by stories and cartoons in comics. However, there are few disadvantages of comics in communicating information. For instance, if the reader does not concentrate on the main information due to irrelevant cartoon or story, it is possible that they might off the track to get information. It can be a waste of time for reader who wanted to receive useful information from comics.

Secondly, many people agree with the fact that books are significant element for people to receive information ranging from basic skills to professional knowledge. For instance, when we write an academic writing in university, lecturers want us to read books or journals firstly to make an outline for assessment. Books provide us with accurate information and professional knowledge. On the other hand, sometimes, books are considered as an out-of-data resource even though they can be updated as “edition”.

In contrast, television provides us with the most updated information by using audio-visual aid. People can receive hot issues in a society or around the world quickly by sitting in front of television. For instance, when we watch the program called “7pm news”, all the important information around the world is delivered to us without difficulty. Hence, television is a comfort tool of communicating information for people who live in a busy life. However, television can be negatively affected by commercial activities such as advertisements. People might feel disturbed and lose interests during the commercial time. Also, there can be violent and sexual materials showing on the TV that influence on children.

In conclusion, I believe that books are the most significant tool to provide information since books cover all professional knowledge that is necessary for people to develop their career. Moreover, books give us with accurate and reliable information that has been proved by professional writers in a certain field. Therefore, I strongly think that books are the most effective media in communicating information.

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