Comparative questions: Yes but the color is prettier the design.

hi, how are you today, i have question can you answer , please
make comparisons using the words given,ad then if necessary
1- a- these cotton gloves are nice.
b- yes, but the leather ones nicer. (nice)
a- they are also more expensive.(expensive)
2- a-those silk jackets look more attractive than the wool ones.
b- yes, but wool ones are warmer. (warm)
3- a- this purple shirt is an interesting color
b- yes but the color is prettier the design. (pretty).
a- the design is not bad.
b- i think the pattern on that red shirt is better than the pattern on this purple one. (good).
4- a- hey look at this gold ring !it’s nice.
and it’s cheaper than that silver ring.
but it’s smaller than the silver one.
well, yeah. the silver one is bigger than the gold one.
but look at the price tag. one thousand dollars is a lot of money!
answer me quickly please (this day), and give me lessons for adjectives comparation.

Please do this work yourself, and then we will check your efforts.