Comment to or comment for?

Hello everybody!

Could you please tell me which preposition requires to comment - to or for? That is, which one is correct - a comment to the report or a comment for the report?

Thank you and merry Christmas in advance!

Actually, it is normally a/to comment on/about the report, SJ. Merry Christmas to you, too.

I remember that “comment” was one of my headaches when I worked for a British media company. I used to use “comment to”, which my editors corrected into “comment on”. The other mistakes I had included:

Wrong Right
accuse for accuse of
tolerant to tolerant of
capable for capable of
respobsible of responsible for
deprive from deprive of

Prepositions and phrasal verbs are very English, which foriegners should memorise.

Thank you very much for your explanation!