comma needed before 'because' and 'as'

Is there a comma needed before the word ‘because’ and before the word ‘as’?

For example,

I don’t wanna eat because I’m not hungry.

I don’t wanna eat, because I’m not hungry. (?)

She smiles as she speaks.

She smiles, as she speaks. (?)

Generally a comma is not needed before “because+clause” if we want to show a REASON.But a comma before “because+clause” shows the EXPLANATION.
Whenever AS=while there’s no need for a comma:She smiles as she speaks.
However,If AS=since, we need a comma:She smiled,as she heard a joke.

Thank you!

I also wanted to know if I should put a comma before the word ‘actually’.

For example,

That’s a good question, actually.

That’s a good question actually. (?)

It isn’t right or wrong, but rather a matter of style. The standard position for “actually” would be: “that’s actually a good question”. Putting it at the end gives it a bit of emphasis, or makes it an afterthought. A comma can give some more emphasis, or make it more clear that it is an afterthought. By “afterthought” I mean a phrase that is added to the sentence after its completion, a phrase that you decided to add when you might have stopped.