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Live in a small town or big city

There are different reasons that can influence the decision of living in a small town or big city. Some people can feel that live in a big city could bring them inconvenience, like transportation and other factors. In my opinion there are different ways in which living in a big city could be good option. Living in a big city can offer diverse opportunities, better education and of course more places where you can share some time with friends and families.

First, in big cities you can find more companies and the salary is higher than those in the small town. So it is obvious that people that prefer living in big cities rather than a small town have better opportunities. In another hand, people have more chances to excel as the labor maker is not limited by a small job supply. This reasons make a big city more attractive is the point is to have different option when it refers to labor.

Second, the quality of the education is better than the one you can find in a small town. Big cities generally invest more money in education so you can find biggest universities and school. Also, professors are academically more prepare what give the student the opportunity of better preparation and the chances to have a bright future. For example, I grew up in a small town in my country, but when the time to go to the university came, my town they didn’t offer the career I want. Besides that I knew that the quality of the education in the big city was going to be higher than the one in the small town so I decided to study in the capital.

In addition to that point, in big cities there is a diversity of places like parks, movie theaters and malls where you can go and distract yourself. Even though all the advantage I had present can be convenience for some people others prefer to stay in a small town.

To finish up with, the option of living in a big city or small town will depend of the interest of each one, this could be and improvement in the salary, the decision of having a better education that lead to opportunities that will not be find in a small town.

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Hi, pretty good writing. I really liked your introduction. Your organization was good and you had a good amount of examples. On the other hand, you had a few sentences that were very hard to understand and some other parts which although they made sense, sounded somewhat unnatural. The errors seemed to get more numerous towards the end of your essay - maybe your were a little pressed for time. Overall, I would rate this a 3.5 out of 5

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when people succeed it is because of hard work. Luck has nothing to do with succeed. Agree or disagree?

I completely disagree that luck has nothing to do with succeed, instead of I thing that many people that get to the top of his lives needed to be in the exact place at the right moment. So, in my belief luck with preparation and good relationship could take you wherever you want.

A main point to be succeeded is the preparation because every day the labor market is been more exigent when it refers to hire people. However, everybody knows that is you are lucky you can get through the university without hard work; this is because there are some people that are intelligent enough that do not need to put extra effort during the university.

In another hand, the relationship that you or some of your relative have could be the factor that you need to get you to a top position in a company. Friends and good recommendation can make your life easy when it refers to this. If you have a friend that works in a top company, I am sure that will make you easy to get a job in that company. For example, when I finished the university I spent like four month looking for a job and I could not find it until one of my friend recommend me with her boss. This is the moment I learned that to get where you want you need luck and good relationship.

To conclude, the academic preparation and the relationship that you build during your life are things necessary to get you to the next step. Even though luck is something that you cannot measure or weight many people ponder that is an important factor to succed.

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