Colloquial expression for "make eyes at someone"

What’s the expression commonly used in spoken English for “make eyes at someone”?

I need the expression that is used when a guy looks at a girl, admires her beauty for a moment or two, and just moves on. I am not talking about leering here.

Please help.

make eyes at = ogle; mostly between man and woman.


On the matter of eyes you might be interested to know that someone who does this (making eyes) rather a lot is said to have a ‘wandering eye’.


In the women’s magazine that I read, it’s making the cheeky guilty look. It’s when a girl catches you checking her out and you make the embarrased look.

Is that it? But I think make eyes at is okay.

Hi Daemon
I’m not sure there is a single expression that tends to be used here. If a woman notices that her boyfriend/husband is looking with interest at a pretty girl, she might poke him or say something about it, after which he might tell her that ‘he was just admiring the scenery’. :lol:

It might also be said that he is doing a little ‘girl-watching’.

I thought there would be an expression that was used extensively, because looking at a girl in an admiring way is such a common thing :lol:

I had another expression in mind, ‘give someone the eye’ :wink: