Coffee Process - IELTS Task 1

Hi Luschen, could you check my IELTS Essay Task 1? Thank your great works. ^^

The figure illustrates the process of coffee manufacture and preparation for sale in the markets and stores.

It is clear that there are 12 distinct steps in the coffee production process, beginning with sorting coffee beans, and ending with packing and sales.

At the beginning of the coffee production process, coffee beans are sorted by hand. Once the sorted beans are cleaned with the help of a sieve, they are dried in sun for duration of four weeks so that water evaporates. The next step involves ranking and turning the dried beans. When that stage is finished, they are stored in a big silo.

In the subsequent stage, coffee beans are hulled, graded and bagged at the mill before being sold to manufacturers in bulk. After that, they are roasted until they turn into (shift to) dark brown colour so that the coffee flavor is created. Finally, the roasted beans are packed for delivery to shops and sold to customers.

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Hi, I thought this was very good, though it might be just a little short. The directions ask for at least 150 words, but this is only 143. Still, there are very few errors and the writing is very clear - I think the writing is at a band 8 level if the length is ok.