clock time wraps around every 12 hours

Hi, I have a question regarding the daily two periods of 12 hours system.
If the time is 10:00 (a.m.) now, then 3 hours later it will be 1:00 (p.m.). But I can also add them up to get 13:00 but this is wrong because clock time “wraps around” every 12 hours.
My question is, do we say “the clock time wraps around every 12 hours”?

Hi I just don’t know if is it correct or not>:
I just want(ed) to let you know, that I am …(glad to hearing you again)

The clock hands come full circle every 12 hours?

Have you never seen a clock with 24 scales?
some years ago, I had one of that type

A very probable possibility, I think so. Tort, thanks for the suggestion and I really appreciate that.

I personally think “wraps around” is OK. You could consider putting it in quotes to signify special usage, like:

the clock time “wraps around” every 12 hours

Oh, Dozy, thanks for confirming the correct usage of “wraps around” in that particular context. Thanks again.

Hi Dozy,

Out of curiosity, does my version work? :slight_smile:


Yes, I think so. I didn’t mean to imply that I thought your suggestion was wrong, just that the original seemed OK.