Climate change: Scientists test radical ways to fix Earth's climate - BBC News

Prof Sir David King is the hero of the day or maybe the year?


Great article, you refer to. should be shown to politicians on friday for future events.
I mean this are no new ideas. From what I know German Helmholtz institute already is researching on germs that can convert fossile material into nontoxic elements.
The problem is that there is no lobby for such ideas. As quoted in the video you linked to the people that were mighty enough to change things still believe in an easier trade if only the north pole were melted. This Idea, too, I have heard about some ten years ago. They believe in this shit no matter what will happen to earth.


Thanks for sharing, Torsten.


You’re most welcome, Eiry. It’s important for us to share information and ideas to reach at least 3.5% of society to bring about a major shift.


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Radical plan to repair Earth’s climate

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