Classified information vs. confidential information

Hi, what is the difference between classified information and confidential information?
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Hi again Andreana,

Information that is classified means that it isn’t necessarily available or open to the general public. It is an overall name for information that has a certain classification which can be for example: restricted/secret/top secret depending on its content. It therefore follows that confidential is a type of classification.


I’d say that classified information is a type of confidential information. If you hear that some information is confidential, that just means that someone doesn’t want you to tell it to anybody. That someone could be a company, a doctor or even an ordinary individual. If you hear that something is classified information, that means that some official organization – almost always the government – has ordered people to keep it a secret. Classified information almost always involves national security, and if you tell people that information, you might go to prison.

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Yup! I’m just explaining it differently. I’m a detail freak.

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Well, that’s one way of putting it! I’m reminded more and more of that musical Annie Get your Gun and the hit song - Anything you can do, I can do better. Naturally it’s an American musical.


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That’s not now (how?) I think, but it probably comes off that way. What I really imagine I’m doing in these situations is adding to your explanation, not debating you or trying to show you up. I think I’m helping you help, and just discussing.