Choose the incorrect part of the sentence

Hello, can you tell me which part is incorrect in this sentence and how to correct it?
Mountain bikes DIFFER (A) ordinary bikes in THAT (B) they have ten or more gears, a MORE RUGGED (C) frame and WIDER (D) treads on the tires.
I have done the exercise already. I thought the B was incorrect but the answer was A. Can you explain it to me?
Thank you in advance.


β€˜A’ is the correct answer.

Mountain bikes differ FROM ordinary bikes…

You might think that β€œMORE RUGGED” is incorrect because rugged can have several meanings. In this context it means it is built strong.

I just read that this use of the word rugged is mainly a US and Canadian thing. If you are learning British English they might not use the word this way.

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Since the word differ is to be followed by from (BrE) or than (AmE), the answer, obviously, is A.

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Americans would not use the word than in this sentence. If you change it to:

β€œMountain bikes are different from / than ordinary bikes…”

then they might use either word.

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