Children should begin learning a foreign language as soon as they start school.

There is an ongoing debate over whether the children should learn a foreign language when they begin school. Some people might disagree with this idea because they consider that the educational way may spoil students’ motivation for study. However, I can see no reason to oppose this opinion, so I firmly believe that students should study secondary languages as soon as they start school. The rationale behind this is that younger students have more time to study language and they have special ability to acquire a foreign language.
The first reason is that students, especially elementary school, have a lot of time to study foreign languages. The reason is that the students learn a few subjects in school, and most of them are very easy level. Therefore, they can catch up with their study without making an effort, and it makes them to have more time for learning a foreign language. For example, my younger sister wanted to study English when she was college students, so she was engrossed in studying the English. However, she soon faced the limitation of time because she should allot her time to do an enormous amount of assignments. Not only that, she should work a part-time to come up with tuition fees. Consequently, even if she really wanted to study English, she was not able to spare time due to focusing on other tasks.
Furthermore, it is common knowledge that children, usually under the age of 13, have a special linguistic ability to acquire new languages. In this reason, scholars and educators encourage children to learn foreign languages as soon as possible. An example of this is people who spent their childhood in several countries. My close classmate Jessica is an American. However, He also lived in China and Korea when she was young. Although she studied intentionally foreign languages of these countries, she was able to do well the languages of the countries. It is say that children have particular ability to learning languages. Therefore, childhood is the best time for learning a foreign language.
To sum up, I firmly hold the opinion that kids have to start learning a foreign language when they begin school. The reason is that children have linguistic ability to acquire new languages even if they do not try to learn them, and they can have more time to study language comparing with adults. For the above-mentioned reasons, children should learn languages as soon as they enter school.[/size]

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