'childish' - Is it negative or positive in 'childish glee'?


As far as I know, ‘childish’ is somewhat negative in its meaning compared to ‘childlike’. The former means immatuarity while the latter means innocence. But ‘glee’, which means ‘joy’, has a kind of positive meaning, I think ‘childish’ in this noun phrase can be positive: innocent or pure… something like that. On the other hand, it could mean someone with childish glee is too happy: s/he looks happy but in a foolish way. What do you think? Ah, can I use ‘childlike glee’? Does it have different meaning from ‘childish glee’?

Thank you in advance,

They are probably meant to be synonymous, because ‘glee’ carries a strong affirmative meaning, but I think you should play it safe and choose ‘childlike glee’.