Childhood is the happiest time of a person's life

I agree that childhood is the happiest time of a person´s life. I only regret about do not have this conscious by that time. As usual, people just realize that they were happy in a given moment when it passes. The adult life has its advantages and certainly you could find your happiness if you keep in mind what is important and stop to think that what you don´t have could bring it to you. Adults are so worried about everything that their even remember how much pleasure is possible to have with simple things. Most adults do not allow themselves to follow their instincts or even use their imagination as kids do. Actually, adults can learn a lot with children instead keep trying to make them become an adult as well. I don´t know the exact moment that my childhood ended. Probably that happens when I´d been started to be worried about future problems. This is likely to be the main difference between adults and children, who just worried about the next game to play or to find a little friend to play with their news toys. Adult life has some awkward characteristics; you become so involved with your routine and your work that you need to push yourself to remember what really has value in your life. Nowadays my children do this for me, every day I wake up and take a look at their naive look and realize how this was important to me and how I need to provide this for them. It is not unusual someone remember about their own childhood through smells and tastes. For me these memories are quite expiring and they are one of the most valuable things in my life. Memories of a time that I did not have to be worried about anything.

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A good essay Rafa, and a seasoned English reader would have no difficulty in understanding your meaning. However you need to work on the structure of some of your sentences.

Kitos. 7.5/10

Hi Kitos,

Thanks for your attention.

Could you please highlight the sentences that the structures need to be improved.