Childhood is the happiest time in a person's life

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I do agree with the statement that childhood is the happiest time in a person’s life. A child is allowed to experience life in ways in which most adults can never again know.

To a child, the world is a simple yet magical place where one can find something wonderful even in the most mundane of things. A child can create his own happiness using his imagination. Adults are so beset by their concerns that many of them have forgotten how to enjoy their imagination.

During his short duration as a child, one is allowed to live a relatively carefree life without concerns about money, jobs or statues that usually plagues people when they grow up. Anxiety is becoming an epidemic in the Western World as a result of the daily pressures of adult life.

A child is allowed to act in ways in which an adult would never be allowed to behave.
He is allowed to run, scream and generally display behavior that would be frowned upon if done by an adult. This freedom of expression lets the person express his emotions in a healthy way, and not bottle them up inside.

In conclusion, I believe that childhood is indeed the happiest time in a person’s life and for the reasons explained above, that it presents a unique opportunity to experience life in ways that after childhood will probably never exist again.

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