Chicken is countable or uncountable?

Dear teacher,

I have been told that chicken is an uncountable noun. I could not find it out in any grammer books. Could you please explain.

Thanks a lot.

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When the word “chicken” means “meat”, then it’s uncountable
We’re having chicken for dinner tonight
Otherwise, when it means poultry, then it’s countable
There’re 6 chickens in the corral

By the way, you misspelt the word “grammar” :wink: (I went to the trouble of mentioning it, because somehow I saw people misspell it quite a few times, and exactly in the same place :slight_smile: )

It was halpful.
Thank you very much.

its “helpful”. it seems you are making intentional silly mistakes

Hi Mechapple,

Welcome to the site but I think your comment is very unfair.