Cheers, My name is Rami Wakim from Damascus Syria

My name is Rami Wakim from Damascus Syria. I found this great site while preparing fro the TOEFL. The exercises I did helped me a lot; my scores were very good. I have a bachelor degree in philosophy and another one in theology. I will travel next year to New York to do masters degree in church history and patristic. I like reading books of various subjects but especially those in my domain. I speak Arabic (mother tongue), French, and English. I compose music and play the flute.
I hope I will meet new friends here, and I will be able to help and find help as well.

Welcome from China,mmm,you are promising !!May you good luck ! :smiley:

Hi Fang FAng,
Thanks for your nice email. I love your countries by the way, I will visit it one day. Great people with massive history.

Hello, Rami, happy to meet you!

Thank you for teaching me a new word: patristic. Both philosophy and theology strike me as fascinating subjects. Does life have a different meaning to you now, after studying these profound sciences?

Also, can you tell us something about the music you compose and whether you produce it for yourself only.

Sorry to bombard you with so many questions at once. If you choose to answer at all, you can do it one point at a time :slight_smile: !

That interests me too,Rami :smiley: What kind of music do you compose and what are your music preferences? :smiley:

Salaam Rami :o
This is wonderful chance
I am from Damascus too , I guess you are live in Bab-Tomah or AL-kassea
Nice to meet you and I hope to be real friend to you my neighbor
Maybe I go with you to new-York.
Good luck in your study, and if you want anything I always here to help you. :wink:

Hi Rami …

It’s nice to see you here and I’m really very glad when I’ve seen many Syrian people here …
anyway , My name is Hercules and i’m from Damascus too :)…

as my friend Dark magician said … your choosing was right when you decided to sign here and definitely you will find here a great supporting from nice Moderators ( like Conchita and Amy and other )and from our great members like me :lol: …or like Mba and Pamela and FangFang and Tamara …

Have nice time …


Hello Hercules,
I’m gald too to see other syrian members in this site, we might get to meet each other sometime. I’m sure the moderators are highly qualified to give help, I won’t hesitate to right down questions concering English studying.
Take care

Hi Rami
And what about Conchita’s and my questions? :smiley:

Patristic is a technical term which means the study of the thoughts of the church’s fathers. As for philosophy and theology, it is quit a vast field, and define it in couple words in very difficult because they are related to our personal lives. Thus, life does have another meaning to me now. In philosophy we study how to create our own philosophy and in theology we learn how to link this philosophy to God. The idea is to pass form the philosophical faith to the theological faith.

Concerning the music, I like listening to almost all kind of music, especially the eastern one. The music I compose is kind of a mix of western and eastern music. This combination is mystical and can meet the majority’s taste. I’m still a beginner in composing, I have done about 20 songs and I have one religious hymn broadcasted.

Please don’t hesitate to correct my English when you see it is necessary.

I hope my reply to Conchita answers your question.

It is really a great opportunity to meet you too. Well guessed, I live in Kassaa’, how about you.
Have ever read or watched Harry Potter, your name reminds me of the slytherin family (the dark magic family).
Puck your luggage I’m taking you with me to New York, if you have the right visa.

Yes, Rami, you’ve answered my question. Are you just dabbling at composing music or it’s your professional occupation?

Composing music is just a hobby, i’m not professional but I love it very much. If i wasn’t studying to be a priest i would have given all my time for music.

I think you can combine both. :smiley: Wish you luck and many, many best compositions written by you!

Thanks Pamela for your nice wishs. When the right opportunity comes I won’t hesistate to grab it.
As for you, do you teach English?

Yes, I had a practice of English at school and University. Now I work in the Fund that deals with development of culture, education and mass media. Sometimes I make written translations of texts and documents.

Very intresting job Pamela, wish you the best. Have ever been abroad? if yes what do you think of that, does it make you love your country more or the opposite?
Best regards

Thanks, Rami.
Unfortunately, not yet, so I can’t compare.

Hello friends … I am a new member here . I hope i can find friends here and improve my English language . I am from Sudan . I have a master in business administration . I like drawing . I like reading .