Check up vs. check out


Could you explain for me what is the difference between check up and check out when both mean examine?


Check, check up and check out are often interchangeable in the sense of ‘examine’ or ‘investigate’. You can check up or check up on something/someone. ‘Check out’ is informal and can mean ‘take a look at something’.

Check up’ would not be used as a verb in American English without the addition of the word ‘on’.
In addition, ‘check up on’ would not normally be used to mean ‘examine’ in a medical context.

On the other hand, the nouncheck-up’ usually refers to some kind of medical examination. :shock:


“Check out” is very commonly used to mean leave the hotel that you have been staying in. This meaning is not examine, although you should check/examine your bill carefully.

We will check out on Wednesday.

Let’s go down to the lobby and check out now.