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I need to send this letter to law office :‎
I had shared a man in trade business deal , that man was live in another country , the total ‎value of that deal was $150,000 , my partner paid shared was $100,000 ,while my ‎participation in that trade deal was $50,000, we have bought one container of disposable ‎plasticware from some firms in my country , the total price of the container was $150,000 , I ‎was shipped the container to my partner country by sea , my partner was received the ‎goods , but he was faced many troubles in his local business , so that he loose the majority ‎of his money , I have visit my partner in his country to get my money , he promise me to ‎return my money and the margin , his promise was in his home and a third man was ‎hearing that talks as a witness , he send me only one payment with a value of $2000 and ‎stop , I call him many times till he never reply my call , now I need to register a case against ‎that man . ‎

I need to send this letter to a law office:

I was in a trade business deal partnership with another man. The total value of our business deal was $150,000: the cost of one container of disposable plastic-ware purchased from some firms in Jordan. My partner’s agreed share in the deal was $100,000, while my share was $50,000. My partner lived in XXXX (name the country). I shipped the container to XXXX by sea. My partner received the goods, but he had problems with his local business and he lost the majority of his money.

I have visited my partner in XXXX to make arrangements for him to pay me what I am owed regarding this deal. He promised that he would return my money and for collateral he offered his house. I have a witness who sat in on our discussions.

Following those discussions, my partner sent me only one payment of $2000. I have called him many times since but he is not answering my calls.

I now I need to register a case against my business partner on that deal. Please would you take action on this matter as soon as possible.

If I can provide any further information, I would be happy to do so.

Many thanks for your help