Check my diary about nightmare

November 3

  I had been through nightmare last evening . Awaking in huge shock , I barely couldn't identify which  reality is , the space I lived now or the dream world . It frighten me deeply because the dream so real.
  Then , I try to pull myself up ; therefore , I started to recall the dream . At the first , I play peekaboo with my four brother at my grandma 's  house . All of us was caught by my oldest brother , except my third brother . However , we search everywhere , in addition my grandpa reading room , where  family kids seldom visit since all of kids respect and scare grandpa . For fear mess the reading room , kids rarely went inside . 
 Nonetheless , there seemed to the last place we  hadn't search . I went to the front of the door of reading room .After an eye contact with my brothers . Taked a deep breath , I twisted the door handle swiftly and pushed the door right away . Abruptly ,  l holded my breathe , scarcely  stared  inside of room . What I saw is a male popped his head out and looked us behind the door with weirdly big smile and pale face . " Oh my god ! "  we shut out and rapidly dropped back . At this moment , a figure abrupt rushed out from the reading room . 
Thank to god , was my third brother , he wanted to give us a " surprise ." We swared him and telled him we really frighten . He sincere apologized , he didn't know us would be shock deeply . 
 At night , I and my oldest brother were scrolling tweet , then I find my third brother tweet one post . It writed " hahaha my brothers so funny that all of them was shock when I rush out room ."  I stared this post for a few seconds , then I fulfilled with fears , rushing calling my oldest brother ." look this! "
  Then , we both saw the fear climbing up each other's pale face .(  The reason is , if my third brother rushed out , who is the male behind the door ? )

Hi Corvo, welcome to our forum and thanks a lot for sharing your story. I take it you love celebrating Halloween :jack_o_lantern:)? As for your story, it’s great that you have so much fantasy and fun writing down your ideas. How long have you been writing stories like this?

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