Charming nature

Your choice discovers your character, every one has his view in beautifulness of the nature… somebody (for example) likes sky a cloudy… somebody likes it a clear like a blue eye… somebody may like trees in spring because he likes the green colour filling the earth while another likes it covered by snow or the leaves is red because of autumn…
how is the nature in your eye?

My best animal the wonderful tiger

Why this tiger came here… I don’t know…

Ok he is apart of nature…

Hi the beautiful eye!
I couldn’t see you quite a while on the Forum!
One beautiful girl, asked me, what is going with you.
I answered, that I had no foggy idea. Why should I know about it?
I think that you are very welcomed on the forum, by many girls.
My warm greetings.


Hi beautiful smile…

I was chasing a thread of smoke…

this is good news, she must has a high taste hahah

Why even though we are neighbors hahah

The fog is required,sometimes because it makes us think with our souls not with our minds.


The reasons were simple but complicated to explain… perhps because they were very simple…

really? where are they?
I must invite them in my back garden… Do juice Concert will be good in this regard? hahah

Thank you dear Aljica… your words were really warm…

But what about my subject… hope you have a view in this regard and I think you are romantic enough to provide us with some beautiful nature pics

Thank you.

hello, beautiful eye

Dear Jamilion!

Oh! You did me great pleasure by sending this message.

I love this style so much. Even the tears arose under my eyelids.
It is so rare writing, on the forum.

There are here, some imaginative and witty people, but during the summer time, they had vanished somewhere. I hope, that nobody from them, had drowned in the sea or in the lake.

I’m very happy, that your style of writting went in this direction.
I remember, that about one year ago, we talked about it.

I’m sure, that if you are going to organise the concert in your back garden, with you in the main role, you will find a lot of eager girls, who take part in it.

You are absolutely right. My romantic nature, will bring me in one day, to the hell.
So far , I’m fighting with it, but without a positive result.

Go please to my thread:“My summer in the mountains”.

It is all, about my love to the NATURE. There you can see, hundred my pics, taken this summer.

Here is one from them, together with me.

Thank you very much. You made my day today, brighter.


It mostly looks like this:

… because I love the sea, the sun and the beginning of each day!
Isn’t it fantastic? … the sun showing up from the sea, rising slowly, changing colors, sending its brilliant image on the mirror of the sea?

Nice to meet you, Misterious Brown Eye!


Hi to you all!

Tiger is part of nature, yes, and also human being, so look at the following charming nature: sand, people, foot-prints and the sea:

Look at this perfectly shaped piece of nature: isn’t it charming?


Hello Avgusta

Elegant picture from elegant girl

I believe that God loves colours

I believe the reality more beautiful than the imagination…

I believe that you believe what I believe.

I’m very thankful.


Hi Alicja

hell fears of the tears

the mercy tears turn into a river in paradise…

romantic is paradise itself.

we are human not because of our minds… this is wrong… we are human because of our tears…

minds made us smart animals only.

I’m sure there is mutual love between you and nature.

Thank you, you raised a green branch in my heart with your words

Thank you Monica…

love and fear don’t meet each other…

but we can love and fear the sea at the same time.

He is a part of nature but he goes against it very often at least.

he needs the nature, But I think the nature doesn’t need him.
and the matter doesn’t need details…

But he is the opponent and the judge at the same time…

The sea in pic as if he is about to lay a blue carpet made of water.

Nature reflects your picture as much as you reflect the pictures of nature with your childish and poetic words.

have an enjoyable time.


Dear Jamilion!

Did you really had been “chasing a thread of smoke…”?

You are too modest. I’m nearly sure, that you in the meantime, was studying poetry.

I not dare even to try, catch up you, with this .

Thank you for consolation. From now, I’ll not be ashamed of

my tears, anymore.
Even though, they are too weak, to flow down my cheeks.

Grateful, Alicja:))

Now, something as modest as you,-from the “charming nature”.

HI Alicja

The way of poetry is longer…

and when you (kidnap) some philosophy from the knowledge and mix it with poetry…

you will get the knowledge in a pleat of poetry…

You will get a philosophy in beautiful dress…

Philosophy is not away from reality…

it was made to explain the mysterious things…

The things of reality…which we touch it but we can’t describe it

which we feel it but we hardly can express it…

when philosophy leaves the reality it will be a thread of smoke.
poetry is soul of missing love…

Love is a green light to cross a red line.

Traveling between moons of hope…and darkness of fear.

Standing between the reality and the delusion…

A moment between the first step and the
delicious risk…

Someone who can say the poetry… and someone who can do it…

Have a rosy day…

Oh Jamilion!

It was the most clever explanation, what the philosophy of the poetry means,- which I have ever heard.

I had 2 uncles, who had studied the philosophy. They passed away many years ago.

They were completely separated from the realities. So I was convinced, that philosophy is useless, and even harmful.

Because, they hardly were able, to maintain their families.

Now, after this what you wrote to me, I’m sure, that the philosophy, and poetry, must go together, to achieve the proper effect.

Yes, poetry is a soul of missing love…

The great poetry arose, when your wounded heart, is bleeding.

The happy people, rarely are going to create the very moving love poetry.

It is a pity. Because the great poets usually are dying early.

They can’t survive their unhappy love.

Many people make laugh, when they hear, that somebody died from failed love.

But I, understand it, very well.

Thank you very much.


Sorry! It went 2x.

I hope, our Bess… will correct it!

What you said is great…Alicja

lets celebrate…

I"m really hungry if there is a big fish to roast it…

I have ordered someone and he said he is coming


Oh, thank you.

Wait a minute. I’m nearly ready to go.

We are neighbors! Aren’t we?

I’m so hungry. I haven’t eaten since the morning:((

When I see the fish, that you showed me, I’m sure, that we are
going to have a wonderful evening!

I will bring the spring water along.

It will match to this fish. Of course, the bottle of wine goes first.

I’m so happy!!!


Oh, I’m sorry! Just when I wanted to leave the house, our Monica came for a chat.
So excuse me,I’m late.

What a fish!
Little fish. Small.
Too small.