characteristic of /to him

In the sentence: 'That behaviour is really characteristic…him."
Which is the best option: characteristic of him or characteristic to him?
Thank you for your time!

characteristic of him.

That behaviour is really characteristic of him."
Could you explain the sentence I can’t work out with the sentence?

It is typical of the way he would behave.

That behavior is real characteristics of him.
Is this correct?



  1. That behavior is real(adj) characteristics(n) of him.
  2. That behaviour is really(adj/adv) characteristic(n) of him.
    Please explain how the #1 is wrong grammatically?
  3. Their Personal(adj) characteristics(n) are different.
    In this sentence we are using adjective before noun.
    Please clarify my doubt.

Yes, it is ‘characteristic of’, as Bev has said.


  1. It was characteristic of him to offer to help at once.
  2. It was characteristics of him to offer to help at once.
    Which one of the two is correct?

The first one, exactly as it is used above.