Chapter 8. It had been some weeks now since that episode in my life had...

It had been some weeks now since that episode in my life had occurred, and I found myself falling into a comfortable routine. I had found cheaper accommodation than the hotel, and I’d been lucky enough to find a job in a local DIY store. The work was not in the store itself, but in the warehouse where I unloaded deliveries and stacked the shelves with the newly-arrived goods. The people with whom I worked were all friendly toward me. I felt happy and settled here, and the Manager appeared to think I was a good worker. Things were going really well for me for the first time in a very long time.

The situation with the doctor seemed to have resolved itself, as according to the newspapers, the doctor was intending to plead guilty to all three murders. That came as a great relief to Becky and I. Our relationship had grown stronger, and now that I’d found someone who I could rely upon, my life was altogether better. I was sleeping and eating well, and I was beginning to feel like my old self again. Things couldn’t be better.

It was during a lunch break that the first signs of trouble appeared in my new life. I was having my lunch-break behind the warehouse, just sitting on the grass and enjoying the day. I took little notice of the large delivery wagon that had drawn-up alongside the unloading bay. Wagons often arrived at lunch-times and the drivers had to wait until the break was over. The driver climbed out of the cab and stretched himself. He’d probably been driving for a while. He looked slowly around and saw me. I paid him scant attention and continued to enjoy my meal, but I was alert to the fact that he was approaching me.
" Hey Tom, it is you my old mate! " The rasping voice rang out, and a few nearby colleagues looked toward us in surprise. I rose to my feet and grudgingly took the proffered hand. " Fancy bumping into you, here of all places. I thought you were a big city boy."
My heart sank. He was the last person on earth that I had wanted to meet, especially as my life was only just beginning to return to some order of semblance.
“Hello Maurice, I never thought you would make it back out of Korea. You’re looking good,” I managed to mutter.
" You too, are you working here then? "

I could tell immediately by his shifty tone that he had something untoward in mind, and I had no intention in getting involved with him. I had to think of something, and damned quick at that. My life, and my association with Becky was far too good to put at risk by getting involved with Maurice. He was the biggest crook I’d ever came across in the Forces, and he was capable of doing just about anything …