Change in email address

Dear all,
As of this day forward, please use anyone of these or all in order to be contacted with me. Many Thanks.

  1. noren30 at gmail dot com
  2. noren13 at yahoo dot com
  3. limbunoren at hotmail dot com
    By the way, you can use this one as well

Noren (Lee) Lewis

Hello Noren,

Unless you want loads of unwanted spam (junk messages), then it is generally not a good idea to post your personal e-mail address online in a public forum. You might want to remove them so that they are not used by spammers (those who send out junk messages).

The other users of this forum can contact you using the private message facility, and you can then share your e-mail with them privately if you wish.

To change the contact e-mail address that you use for, you should edit your profile. (Click on ‘profile’ which you will find next to ‘progress report’ near the top of the page and change it in the form there.

Hello Beeesneees,
Thanks a lot to you for your advice. I totally agree with you.


Once again Beeesneees,
I became a member of this Site using this default email address, and I receive the lessons, links, notification aside from other things on a regular basis in this email. That is why I posted my other email addresses, this one i.e dinel_drn just in case I am out of my home town. I can only use this email at home. Many Many thanks to you once again.


PLEASE edit your messages and delete your email addresses, especially the default one. It is not a good idea to post them on the public forum.
Forum members can contact you using the instant message service without knowing your e-mail address.

Dear Beesneees,
Thanks a lot once again to you for your concern. I will do what you have said.


Hey, I wonder who wrote “at” instead of “@”. Anyway, thanks to whoever did that for me.


It will have been a moderator who can edit your posts, either Torsten, Alan, Mister Micawber or Kitosdad who made the changes, but your default email address in message #4 hasn’t been changed.

Please see the information about publishing e-mail addresses in FAQs section 12.

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Hi Beeesneees,
Thanks a lot for your concerns. The link you provided was very useful.


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