chance or chances

Hello everyone.
I am reading a dictionary in which they wrote:

WORD CHOICE: chance, chances, luck
chance means possibility : There is a small chance he is still alive. | You’ve got a good chance of passing.
chance also means opportunity: You will have the chance to meet the star of the show.
chance also means that something happened by coincidence or was not planned : It was pure chance that we bought the same shoes.
Someone’s chances are the probability that they will do something : Her chances of finding him after all these years are slim. | He aims to win today - what are his chances?

I wonder if the words ‘chance’ in bolded text have the same meaning or not?
Thank you.

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The first example is talking about something that it is known will happen or be possible. The second example is talking about a hypothetical outcome.

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It is important to distinguish between chance = opportunity and chance = possibility.

She had the chance to carry the Olympic torch through her town. (opportunity)

There is a chance that she will be able to keep the torch. (possibility)

"Chances’ usually suggest probability:

The chances are that she will have to pay if she wants to keep the torch after the run. (probability)


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