Challenge! (Accept without approval)

Dear Friends

Last night I was doing this crossword puzzle where I got stuck on one clue.

[color=red]Accept without approval (8 letters)

What do you think it could be? The person first to answer would be given a big round of applause.


PS: Now I know the answer. :lol:

you mean a word?

That’s what I understood, nami.

Tom, would you like to tell us one of the 8 letters (and where it is in the word) as a little clue?


Hi, Tom:

Please give more details!
I try to give my answers:
One is “Tolerate”
The other is “Embezzle”


Sorry folks, before I could give a clue the answer is there!

[size=150][color=red] Tolerate[/size]

Fingfang, you really deserve to be applauded!

Well done, FangFang!

Your second idea was also interesting.

Hi, Tom &Amy:
Thanks! Not quite clear about it , but won the applauses finally! :lol: :lol: :lol: