Certificates of Good Student in English province-wide?


Please have a look at this phrase: “Certificates of Good Student in English province-wide”

Do you find it okay? And is ‘in’ correct here? Usually ‘at’ goes with ‘good’, but here I use ‘in’ with an implication of ‘certificates in a certain field’. What do you think?

Thank you very much.

I don’t understand what the purpose is.

Hi Beeesneees,

This is a certificate I got when I was in high school. Every year there are contests in all subjects for high school students (those who passed the province-wide contest will go on to the city-wide or nationwide contests). I got a second prize in the province-wide one and a third prize in the nationwide one, so I want to know what I can call my awards.

Many thanks again.

What is the wording on the certificate itself?

Hi Beeesneees,

I don’t understand your question :frowning:

Hi Abc123,

Do you happen to come from Vietnam? I ask this because the exam you have just described seems pretty like the one in my country.

I would call your award by whatever it says on the certificate.

I think his certificate is in another language, and he wants to translate it into English.

Ah, I see the problem.

Hi Abc123,

How about “Provincial Certificate for Good English Students?” For city and nation-wide contests, you can change “provincial” into “municipal” and “national” respectively.

I’ve always wondered what “good student” means.
Is it in reference to a student who doesn’t make waves, never misses a lesson, always on his/her best behavior, doesn’t disrupt lessons, etc… or a student who actually excels at the subject?
Because as God is my witness history knows a lot of hell raisers who would later become prominent scientists. =)

It’s for students who excel at the subject, OTS. When I was in high school, I also took part in the same contest as Abc123’s; it’s full of phrasal verbs and idioms, things I hate the most. As a side note, if you get a national prize, you wiill be automatically admitted to many universities without taking a university entrance exam.

Heh, I guess it pays to win the prize.