Céline Dion in Las Vegas

Hi everyone,

Is it ok to say the following: ‘During her concerts in Las Vegas, Céline Dion received a standing ovation of the audience after each song.’?

Can you also say: ‘The audience broke into a standing ovation after each song Céline had sung.’?

I never went to Las Vegas to see her show, but last week I watched one of the concerts on television and it really happened.


…a standing ovation off/from the audience…

… broke into a - yes.

I guess opinions vary, but personally I think “off” sounds awful here.

I’m not keen on it either, but it is acceptable - and I wondered if it was what Alexandro had in mind when he wrote ‘of’.

Hi Beeesneees, my second sentence is better. But where my first sentence is concerned, I looked up the words ‘standing ovation’ in Collins-Cobuild but it only said: He received a standing ovation or so. I added ‘of the audience’, apparantly it isn’t such a good idea.