CASAS test

[color=blue]I would like to know if someone knows about the test score CASAS.
I would like to know what score for each level.
Thank you :!:

Maybe you can find some information here:

Hi Luna,

I’m all too familiar with CASAS, as it’s the testing system we’re required to use.

CASAS has gone through changes. We used to identify students as level 1-5, but now they changed it to Levels A-E, with some sub-levels in each. Also, since CASAS is used not only for ESL, but ABE (Adult Basic Education) the same scale is used to measure both, with ESL scores being in the lower end of the scale. I’m assuming you’re only asking about the ESL scores and levels.

Finally, CASAS assement is broken down into two major areas, Listening/Speaking, and Reading/Writing.

When you take the tests, your correct/incorrect raw scores are converted into a scaled score. This scaled score is what’s used to determine your level. Here’s the breakdown

Score Range / Level / Classification

150-200 / Level A/ includes Beginning Literacy/Pre-Beginning ESL, Low Beginning ESL, and High Beginning ESL
201-220/ Level B/ includes Low Intermediate ESL and High Intermediate ESL
221-235/ Level C / Advanced ESL
236-245/ Level D/ Adult Secondary

For a more detail breakdown, check out the Score Chart.

Finally, you can check out the Speaking descriptors, which shows you the expectations for the basic skill levels.

Hope this helps, and let me know if you’re got further questions.

Thank You :lol:
I saw this site before, but I dont pay atencion. :roll:
And now I found the scores for ESL.

:smiley: Thank you,
I appreciate your attention and explanation. My interest in knowing the score was because I did this test last week. And my score of 228 was reading and 222 listening. My teacher told me that I could go to level 5, but prefer the level 4. Because last corner was studying the level 3.
Very grateful :!: