carry out

Hi expert teachers,

I could not carry out this work. Correct?

Many thanks

I would suggest that ‘carry out’ is more frequently associated with object nouns like - task, regulation, duty, requirement and so on. I would use a verb such as 'complete ’ or ‘finish’ with the word ‘work’.

On the other hand, where you have used the word ‘work’ to mean ‘task’, it is perfectly possible.

That definitely sounds a bit ‘Irish’ to me. The word is ‘work’ and not ‘task’ and that was the reason for the suggestion.

Are you seriously suggesting you have never heard or seen ‘I cannot/could not carry out this work’?


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  1. I find it difficult to carry out my work there.
  2. I find it difficult to carry on with my work there.
  3. They couldn’t carry on their lives peacefully there.
  4. They couldn’t carry out their lives peacefully there.

Are they correct? Please correct.

Please answer my queries.