Carol from Prague

Hello! May I introduce myself to you. My name is Carol, I’m a student at Prague university and I’ve just come across this forum. I’m here to find answers to my English grammar questions. I took some of the tests here on this website and really enjoyed them. I will read through this forum and hope to get all of you better. Ahoj! Carol.

Hi Carol,

Welcome to the site and so glad you enjoyed the tests. That’s what we like to hear! Tell us something about life as a student in Prague.


Hello Alan! Yes your tests are very good because you can take them quickly and often. And there are so many of them. How long did it take you to write them? Life here at Prague University (the official name is Univerzita Karlova v Praze) is OK albeit it tends to be stressful at times. I’m thinking about changing the university. I would like to start studying at one of the private universities here in Prague.

Good question. I honestly can’t remember how long it took to write them. It’s rather like having an addiction. Once I start I can’t stop and at the moment I’m as it were ‘resting’ before the addiction returns again. I’d be interested to hear about the private universities in Prague. I’m assuming that English is your first language? What are you studying?


Aha I see, so you are a test writing addict :slight_smile: It’s pleasant to hear you think my first language is English but actually it’s not. I was born and raised in the Czech Republic but my second Dad (my mother is married for the second time) is Amarican and I spent about 3 years in the States. Most of the time I speak Czech though. I’m studying media science and international relations. There a number of privately or half-privately owned unversities now in Prague, one of them is the University of New YorK in Prague (UNYP). They offer Bachelor and Master degrees which usually are more recognized than those obtained at the state university. I think I want to go back to the states or maybe to the UK for some time so an internationally recognized degree might come in handy.

Ahoj!, Carol. Jak se m?te?

Well, I’m afraid that I can’t say anything more in Czech, although it would be useful for me: I’m flying to Prague in August, because I want to be a Spanish teacher there.

I’ve already been to Prague, I was there about fifteen years ago. It’s the most beautiful city I’ve ever been to. The only problem is that when I went there, there were about -20? Celsius, and I’m not used to such low temperatures. You must be used to it!

Hope you enjoy the site, and welcome here.

Hola Carbonarius, I’m quite surprised you speak Czech! Most people who come to Prague are tourists who made an effort to learn our language. Maybe this also because there still are lots of Czechs who speak German or English. And of course the Czech language is spoken in the Czech Republic and parts of Slovakia.
Yes, I agree Prague is a beautiful city. After all there must be a reason why it’s called the Golden City. And what about you? Where in Spain are you from? Where did you learn English?

Hello Carol! welcome!!

P.S. I`v been to Prague once… long time ago… :slight_smile:

Hi Carol,

You’ve certainly had a warm welcome from everyone. Incidentally what is media science?


Yes Alan, I’m quite impressed by the responsiveness of your community. Regarding media science, a lot of our professors would have a hard time defining this subject. It’s a bit like marketing - how exactly do you define that? So media science is a mixture of journalism, public relations and IT. After graduating I’d like to work as an online editor or a journalist.

hello carol!!
i`d glad to get to know you better!
i think we are both expecting learning english
while sharing with new friends and people with same interest!
hope you write me back…

NIce to meet you, Carol! You must be an interesting girl! You have a beautiful life! Hope to hearing from you soon!!

Loves from Argentina!