capability of doing v.s. capability to do

Hi, everyone !

Could you help me with this:
I don’t know which ones are correct…

Thank you !

Hi LS,

In both examples I would choose ‘of’ butI’m not all that happy about the wording. Remember also ‘ability to’.


Hi, Alan

Thanks for your advice !

Incidentally, did you mean that you would be happier with this wording The ability to dispose of an object is frequently useful ?

PS: I asked this question because I had read this in a book about programming:

Do you think the author of the book is not a native English speaker ?

Hi LS,

What I was really getting at was that (going back to the adjective form) there are two constructions: able to do and capable of doing. As for the English used, to me it has a touch of gobbledegook and sounds very much like the sort of language you get from a translating machine.